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Desktop Studies of Products, Markets and Industries - a Comprehensive Investigation of All Factors Attendant to the Subject


Desktop Studies take into account many diverse Marketing and Value Considerations.

Product Topics Addressed - Items considered in arriving at value estimates include a complete equipment description and all of its options including hardware and software additions that allow diversity in applications.

Business Mix - An investigation of how and why the asset is being used to estimate its marketability, or lack thereof.

Technical Issues - Where the asset fits in the manufacturer's product line and how it compares to competitive products are fully analyzed and reported.

Product Fit - Technological road maps of the market segment are presented along with the propensity for meeting the future demand in the industry

Background - Understand the manufacturer's position and its corporate mission as it relates to the product line in determining future market attractiveness of the subject asset(s). The manufacturer's rank among competitors, perception of the manufacturer in the market place and general health of the manufacturer relative to long-range support and enhancement schedules are investigated.

Stick Rate - The market investigation includes full competitive comparisons of the equipment and how the end user perceives the asset. Understanding the technological advances being demanded by the industry segment provides the insight needed to estimate the probability that the user will retain the asset at a future date.