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EVM's Residual Value Projections are Based Upon Facts, Minimizing Your Residual Value Risks

Economic - Cyclical industry trends that may be in synch with or counter to general economic trends are an important consideration in the valuation process. EVM is continually evaluating assets in vertical industries and utilizing extensive database sale points that trend economic movements down to the regional level.

Asset-Specific Factors - Factors directly connected to the asset itself such as the manufacturer's reputation, market share, brand loyalty and customer support will influence marketability in the used equipment sector.

Tangible Features - Cost of equipment, including cost of add-ons and features that make assets marketable, soft indirect costs including freight, de-installation and installation expenses, re-licensing expense and other related items mandate in-depth industry knowledge.

Product Cycles - Product development trend cycle projections during the term of the lease influence valuation opinions.