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Accurate, In-Depth Machinery And Equipment Information Services

Complete equipment descriptions along with photographs provide information requisite to a full understanding of the assets involved and attendant values.

Equipment Valuation Management's specialists have expertise in industries that require unique training and specific experience. Industry knowledge of how the subject equipment is gainfully employed makes possible accurate value opinions based on operational facts. Characteristics such as capacity, load limits, accessories and maintenance logs are areas investigated while conducting on-site inspections.

On-Site Interviews

When possible, EVM interviews the principals within the facility to disclose any aspect of the equipment operation that affects present and future value. Issues discussed are:

  • Capacities and performance characteristics of the subject assets
  • How the assets fit into the operation, special power and environmental needs
  • Vendor maintenance practices requisite to full asset utilization
  • Work presently being accomplished with the asset
  • Physical depreciation and functional and economic obsolescence are measured